Two GENMA pneumatic ship unloaders were shipped smoothly

A few days ago, two GENMA orbital mobile pneumatic ship unloaders (referred to as ship unloaders) built by RHM for Jiujiang COFCO were successfully shipped.

The ship unloader is mainly used for the unloading of grain at the customer’s wharf. The equipment adopts industry-leading multi-stage turbo-centrifugal fan frequency conversion control technology and self-created hopper dust removal and environmental protection technology. Compared with ordinary pneumatic ship unloaders, GENMA ship unloaders have the advantages of energy saving, consumption reduction, and environmental protection.,and can meet the needs of environmental protection of the wharf.

The product is also equipped with an advanced adaptive suction nozzle, which can detect and automatically adjust the depth of the suction nozzle inserted into the material in real time during the operation,greatly reduces the operating strength of the operator and the high failure rate caused by human error.. It is worth mentioning that the adaptive nozzle can automatically adjust the opening of the nozzle according to different materials to avoid material blockage, greatly extend the service life of the elbow, ensure the efficiency of the normal operation of the equipment, and reduce the material to a certain extent. The probability of crushing ensures the integrity of grain transportation.



Up to now, with its professional technology and advanced products, GENMA has provided special grain ship unloaders for Venezuela's Cabello Port, Maracaibo Port and many other ports around the world, contributing positively to reducing dust pollution at the docks.. As a global high-end equipment provider, RHM will further enhance its market competitiveness, continue to provide customers with environmentally friendly material handling solutions, and help the construction of green ports.
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