GENMA Wins 200t/h Mobile Pneumatic Ship Unloader Order from Guangxi

Recently, Jiangsu Rainbow Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. seized a 200t/h mobile pneumatic ship unloader order from Guangxi, it will be used to unload and transship corn at the terminal.

In recent years, with the improvement of terminal automation and the countrys determination to rectify environmental pollution, equipment with loud noise, high energy consumption, high failure rate and low production efficiency are unable to meet production and environment protection needs of terminal and grain depot anymore. GENMAmobile pneumatic ship unloader focuses on solving loading, unloading and transshipment problems of various types of grain materials at terminal or port. Its hermetic sealed transporting procedure, strong continuous operation ability, low noise and other characteristics are ideal for terminals with high environmental requirements. It is worth mentioning that the multi-stage turbine fan used in this product is highly efficient, it can save energy consumption by about 30%, its material damage rate is less than 0.3%, and that it also automatically regulates flow, protects pipeline, reduces equipment maintenance and increases operation lifespan at the same time.

The grain suction machine (pneumatic ship unloader) is a ship unloading machine that uses the negative pressure flow formed by the fan in the pipeline to suck loose materials from the cabin, wheat, rice, corn, rapeseed, soybean, cottonseed, feed. Etc., especially suitable for the transfer of warehouse materials into and out of the warehouse. At the same time, it is widely used in power plants, aluminum industry and other industries, and is applied to the unloading of materials such as alumina and pulverized coal. GENMA GPU series grain suction machine (pneumatic ship unloader) adopts multi-stage turbine fan technology which is ahead of domestic Roots fan technology, energy-saving, low-noise, dust-free and other pollution problems, and has obtained environmental protection certification, and is transported in a closed state. No dust, no risk of spillage, loss, moisture, dirt or foreign matter.

After 2 years of repeated testing and the incorporation of the stimulation optimization of EDEM Bulk-sim simulation software, GENMAscraper ship unloader has achieved significant breakthrough in the areas of energy conservation and machine efficacy. Comparing to the traditional grab ship unloader, the efficiency of GENMAscraper ship unloader has improved at least 25% and that unit energy consumption has decreased by 30%, this marks another solid step forward GENMAhas taken as an effort to protect the environment.

Wu Jian, CEO of Jiangsu Rainbow Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. stated that, with the advanced environmental friendly concept, European standard manufacturing capability and wholehearted service attitude, GENMAhas won high praise from many clients. Recently, GENMAhas already become the choice of shipyard and terminal of many countries around the world with our supply of hundreds of equipment. We believe that under the general trend of environmental protection, energy saving and efficiency improvement, GENMAbrand series products can meet the needs of shipyard and terminal clients better and help creating values for them.

in 2016, Jiangsu Rainbow Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. had successfully delivered 4 environmental friendly grain absorbing machines (pneumatic unloading machines) GPU400. These 4 machines are automated ship unloader machines, which are more convenient to use and are not subjected to the infrastructure conditions. GENMA is constantly striving to provide clients with the perfect agreement bindingservice, focusing on the changing needs of our customers, using our technology and wide range of products to help our clients to grow.

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