President of El Salvador visits GENMA MHC
On September 6, 2019, President of EI Salvadoran Nayib Bukele, accompanied by the leadership of the Port Authority, visited the port of Acajutla and inspected the operation of two GENMA mobile port cranes. The field staff presented President Bukele with a demonstration of the operation of the equipment unloading container. President affirmed the operational capabilities of the two mobile port crane equipment and was confident in the future development of the port of Acajutla.

In early August 2019, two mobile port cranes (MHC) produced by GENMA arrived at the port of Acajutla in El Salvador and quickly completed on-site commissioning.

In early August 2019, 2 MHCs built by GENMA successfully arrived in the port of Acajutla in El Salvador. This is the first automatic loading and unloading equipment for port container in the history of Central America. GENMA is promoting the development of logistics of Central American countries and global shipping.

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